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1 Quick Way To Add More Greens To Your Eating Rhythm


Adding more greens should be a new goal.

-Hicunni Chandler

Do you need a quick way to add more greens in to start this New Year, new you, new decade right?

All you need is a salad mix and a little trail mix. Oh come on…like you have never eaten salad out of a bag! Of course, per all of the emails and posts you may have seen some “controversial” things about salads in a bag.

However, when you are pressed for “time” and you need a quick energy boost…why not?!

There are so many brands out there.

As always do your own research. But I have 3 helpful tips for you when trying to decide on what to purchase.

3 Helpful Tips

  1. Check the expiration date
  2. Be sure the veggies aren’t withered 
  3. Check to make sure what you see in the bag, is all that is really in the bag 🙂

Yes, girl…you are getting your detox on starting today:) 

Share this space with your friend, there’s always going to be some ‘healthy’ tips and other ways to show some kindness to your body. This is your self love journey…you deserve it all.

You may even catch a few dance videos here and there!


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