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The Chandler Learning & Development Center, LLC

This business is a family owned online marketing, social media agency, and coaching practice. Here in this space, you will experience the “wellness” portion of the business.

Hicunni, Mind Body Eating Coach presents The Nutrition Formula — a mind-body-food approach to nutrition,

To influence women in business to see that nutrition is more than what you eat and the weight that you carry.

As a Mind Body Eating Coach…

Hicunni Chandler and her team wants to bring clarity and mindful, transformative, unshakable confidence to women in business.

We do this by helping them learn how to transform beliefs about food and body so that they can find freedom with food, be themselves, and take their business to the next level.

What is Mind Body Nutrition

Mind-Body Nutrition is an exciting and timely new field that advances the practice of clinical nutrition by exploring the psychophysiology of how thoughts, feelings and beliefs impact nutritional metabolism and health. Originated by Marc David, Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, it goes far beyond classical nutrition by focusing on the fascinating connections between brain, body, and behavior.

Simply put, what we eat is only half of the story of good nutrition. The other half is who we are as eaters. Mind Body Nutrition reveals how stress physiology, the relaxation response, breathing, awareness, pleasure, meal timing and much more profoundly influence digestion and calorie burning. And it offers practical and results-oriented strategies for the most commonly seen eating challenges and health issues of our times.

What is Eating Psychology

Eating Psychology Coaching is an exciting and cutting-edge approach developed by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, which combines Dynamic Eating Psychology & Mind-Body Nutrition. These are two approaches are powerful.

It effectively addresses weight concerns, binge eating, overeating, body image challenges, and various nutrition related health concerns.

As an Eating Psychology Coach, my approach is positive and empowering. I don’t see your eating challenges merely as a sign that “something is wrong with you” – but as a place where we can more fully explore some of the personal dimensions in life that impact food, weight and health.

Oftentimes, our eating challenges are connected to work, money, relationship, family, intimacy, life stress and so much more. By working on the places that are most relevant for you, success is more easily achieved.

You are not alone…you have support

As a Mind Body Eating Coach & Food Strategist… I’ve learned how to help clients reach their highest goals not by strategies that punish, but through strategies that nourish.

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Get Clarity

Hicunni Chandler, Mind Body Eating Coach & Food Strategist

Travel is Self-Care

Nutrition is definitely more than what you eat, and part of the The Nutrition Formula. Sometimes when you are trying to find a remedy for eating under stress or not being satisfied with the ‘weight that you carry’, you can find relief just by going on a vacation!

A girls’ weekend, girl’s night, weekend retreat, a week at the beach, etc, can really decrease the stress in your life. Have you ever noticed that you can eat ‘what you want’ on vacation, but if you were to eat those same food items you would add extra pounds?

Traveling is self care – Hicunni Chandler

You are taking time to destress, relax, and have some fun! Traveling can help you shed those extra pounds and help you feel alive again!

So, what are you waiting for? You can start by adding this backpack to your travel toolkit. I survived a 16 day trip through the east and out west with this backpack and my purse. Oh yea…it is awesome! Click on the pack and get started!

Want packing cubes to keep all of your clothing neat and in order. You got it!

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