>>Reflections From Kigali Rwanda, As Our Time Is Almost Over

Reflections From Kigali Rwanda, As Our Time Is Almost Over

Self work is a lot of work but is needed. – Hicunni

As I reflect on this journey that we have been on, I have been amazed at the life lessons that I have learned. I will share a lot of those in my business community and some will see those in a book.

There is one thing that I would like to share now. My mom always taught me, “When people show you who they are, believe them.” I have seen that to be true over the years, but I have really understood it since we have been living in Rwanda.

I am learning about unconditional love. You give love because you are capable of loving. You release the anger, the jealousy, the disappointment, the forgiveness, etc and replace it will love. Not to say that you just let people treat you any kind of way but you fill yourself up with kindness…even if it is from a distance.

I have seen how much of a priority people are in my life and how much of a priority I am in there’s. The rankings are based on different things to different people. It is ok, if you are not a priority in someone’s life…it is their life!

Not Obligated

We are not emotionally , spiritually, mentally, physically, socially, obligated to people and they are not obligated to us based on a certain title, role, leadership status, birth certificate, notarized document, contract, any other government issued document, etc. We all have a choice and each choice has consequences…we make the decisions that can be seen as good or bad…whatever you decide to call it.

Thank you (you know who you are) to those that have kept in touch over the last almost few months. Those that have ‘checked up’ on us to see if we are still alive LOL. Thanks to those… whom we continue to stay connected just like we always have….thank you!

Real Talk

We are all on our own journey…. if you feel guilt for not doing something, look in the mirror and be honest. Why is this guilt being imposed on you? Sometimes we allow other people’s expectations of us, add that unnecessary load on us…see the info above….it’s relatable 🙂

Own your ish

If there is something we want to do differently (anything in our life) …we own up to our ish…and move on…no matter what it is…let’s not pass our negative energy to other people…self work is a lot of work but is needed.

For those who are still reading and want to know how they can start living a life of freedom financially and with food and body…send me a private message. What is stopping you from living your fulfilled life?

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