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There is power in your story. -Hicunni Chandler

Do you remember growing up watching Disney movies. The story was so captivating. It begins by giving you a backstory, which goes a little something like this, :”Once upon a time…”

You are introduced to all of the characters, the music starts and instantly you are so intrigued by the “good guys’. High pitched, high energy melodies that just flow and bring your vibrations up higher and higher.

Then suddenly the music changes and the narrator’s voice changes. The lights get a little dim and you know something new is about to happen. In comes the villain. Your mood turns from happy and excited to more anxious and jumpy. You are now on the edge of your seat. You may even start to frown as the narrator tells you about the evil character. 

In an instant just by listening to the music and watching the scene changes, the story has changed, your story has changed.

This is your life. Things may have seemed perfect for you, until something changed in your life. You now look in the mirror and don’t like the woman that you have become. I get it, there are so many events that happen that we are not able to control. Sometimes it is just hard to ‘bounce back’ from the horrible situation.

However, what you choose to do next with the cards that you have been given, makes all the difference.

Are you still allowing that situation, that event, that ‘thing’ to lower your vibration? To put you in a bad mood, to make you feel that you are not good enough?

What is your internal narrative? What are you telling yourself everyday? You are still standing, so you are an overcomer! Yes, on some days the outside may look a little gloomy, but it’s all in how you react to what’s right in front of you.

You can choose to shrink back, or you can choose to allow your story to be a platform to transform your life and propel you to where you want to go in life.

Are you ready to tell your story? I invite you to connect with a collection of women who have chosen not to shrink back, but have made a commitment to be accountable and embrace who they are,  so they can start living the life they want.

The time is now, you can find freedom here


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Only you can be the change that you want to see in your life. Are You Ready?

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