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Dance until your heart’s content – Hicunni Chandler


I love to dance! What about you? One way that is great to practice getting in tune with yourself, with your body, is through moving it!

A little hip movement, a little body rolls, could seem embarrassing at first if you have never done it:)

You could always turn on some music and just dance in front of your mirror.

No one will be looking at you, but you!

It is fun and it is great exercise. Try it sometime. I LOVE Zumba.

It is fun, sexy, and you get a great workout.

It is also nice to just have fun with a group of people.

You Don’t Have To Have Rhythm?

Just moving to the music can not only make you ‘break a sweat’ , but it takes you to that happy place.

Dancing just puts you in a better mood, and gives you energy…making you feel alive and vibrant.

Show your body some love! Come dance with me!